Oakwood Manor

Prices range from $3,575/month to $5,750/month

Base rate $2,000-$2,500 (based on private or semi-private + care level $3,250 – $3,750)

Administrative Fee – $2,500 (Admin Fee is one-time)


****Please note that these rates are just guidelines.  All rates are subject to change based on a resident’s care level or should their medical needs and condition change. 

Resident Advocacy Services
(These services are offered in additional to the rates above.)

Resident Advocacy Services are to help ease the family’s minds in the event of an emergency or situation when family members are unable to be present. A person who the resident is familiar with will be with your loved one.  Please ask staff for more details.


Services Price
Staff or Nurse to accompany a resident to the hospital for an emergency $125.00
Additional hours needed after check in $35.00 per hour
Conferring with the hospital staff after the resident is taken to hospital $50.00
Accompanying the resident to doctor visit outside of home $75.00
Medication pick up from pharmacy $35.00
Accompanying the resident to any physical therapy $75.00
Any other services outside of the home requiring staff attendance $35.00 per hour